We are the Southern Boone Learning Garden, a small nonprofit in  Ashland, Missouri. We serve this growing rural community by providing garden- and outdoor-based school day classes, hosting after school garden and cooking clubs, and working with other groups to improve the overall health of our community. 

And introduction to the cattle panel hoop house including material requirements, tools and site preparation.
Covers installation of plastic sheeting on the hoop house, as well as crop selection.

Covers the basic construction sequence and techniques.

Instructional Videos produced as a Eagle Scout project by Alex Collette of Troop 134 in Ashland Missouri.

Spring 2016 middle school cooking Club, thursdays in April

Middle School students with 'Chef Z' preparing delicious and healthy foods!

The Southern Boone Learning Garden invites you to participate in our after school club, Cooking from the Garden.  This four-week program invites you to explore the art and science of preparing healthy, tasty dishes featuring fresh ingredients from the garden. Each weekly meeting allows you the opportunity to prepare and enjoy a different course: salad, soup, entrée and dessert. 

The Details:

o   Who: All Middle School students are invited; no cooking experience is required.

o   What/Why: students will have fun learning to prepare good tasting dishes made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

o   Where: Southern Boone High School FACS Room

o   When:    3:30-5:30, April 7, 14, 21, 28

o   Cost:   $20; Fees help purchase food and equipment for the club.

Need-based fee waivers are available; please contact us for more information. The fee must be paid (or communication regarding waiver) no later than April 4.  Please do not pay until notified you have been selected.

o   How to Apply: Click Here for the application and information. Turn in the application to the Middle School Office no later than March 11.  The club is limited to 12 students selected on first come basis.  We will contact you by March 14 if you have been selected. 

Interested students must be available to attend all 4 sessions!  We have limited space, and we need students who are dedicated and enthusiastic.   

If you want to try your hand at slicing, dicing, mincing, and sautéing delicious fresh food, this club is for you!  We can’t wait to start cooking with you!

Community Focus GrouPs

We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the people of Southern Boone County and our extended Mid-Missouri community for coming out this past month to offer support and thoughts regarding how the Southern Boone Learning Garden can continue its mission well into the future. We would also like to thank the Ashland Senior Center and our local branch of the Daniel Boone Regional Library for letting us meet in their buildings! We had a great turnout (70+ people) and some lively discussion. For more information on the Focus Group meetings, check out the Boone County Journal.

Left: Community members discussing the future of the Southern Boone Learning Garden at the Ashland Senior Center.

our mission

The mission of the Southern Boone Learning Garden is to provide outdoor classroom space and resources; to facilitate fun, authentic learning experiences that challenge students to embrace positive life skills; and to promote collaborative efforts between the Learning Garden, the school district, and the community.

our vision

The vision of Southern Boone Learning Garden is a healthy community in which students and families are actively engaged in the production of good food.

How you can help

Help us by donating your time.

Whether it's a school-day lesson, extracurricular activities, or a work day, we always welcome extra pairs of hands. Check our Volunteer Opportunities to see when and where you can come help us out.

Help us by donating supplies.

We've got a running Wish List with supplies we currently need. If you've got school or gardening supplies sitting around with no planned use, consider donating them, we'll put them to good use!

Help us by donating financially.

As is the life of a nonprofit we are in a continual fundraising state. And as much as we would love to completely exist apart from money, there are certain things we just cannot purchase with cucumbers, bok choy, and carrots. Every little bit helps, so if you're interested in making a tax-deductible donation, please visit our Donation page.

"I think it's wonderful to expose the kids to the vegetables that you can grow.  My son is very stubborn about what he will eat and does not like to try things at home.  My hope is that being around other kids his age who are trying new things will encourage him to do so as well." Kindergarten parent, Southern Boone County Primary School - Fall, 2014

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