current and ongoing volunteer needs

weekend garden maintenance

We grow year-round in our Learning Gardens here - using high tunnels, cold frames, and covered raised beds.  We could use a couple of good reliable volunteers to help open & close structures, do minimal watering, and help keep plants trimmed of old leaves on the weekends.  This will help ease the burden on our work team tremendously!  If anyone has special skills to make repairs to our hoop house doors, this too would be of great value!


Elementary garden club

Sept 3-Oct 9, 2019: Volunteers will be needed to work with elementary students (3rd-5th grade) as they do garden work (planting, watering, weeding, thinning, harvesting, etc.), eco-art projects, and other outdoor-oriented activities. Volunteers will work directly with Americorps Garden Educators.


  • Small group & one-on-one instruction on garden tasks and other planned activities

  • Assistance with preparation and cleanup

  • 2-3 hours each session

  • Volunteers needed: 4-6


Middle school cooking club

Volunteers are needed to assist with this after-school club, working directly with students (6th-8th grade). This is a 4-week program meeting once per week for 2 hours directly after school.


  • Small group and individual instruction of students

  • Help with preparation and cleanup

  • 3-4 hours each commitment




Volunteers are needed to help us increase the amount of produce sold at the Southern Boone Farmers Market and coordinating with Opaa! Food Management, Inc. (school district's food service provider) to get Learning Garden & other local produce into the school meals here.

Responsibilities (dependent on volunteer's skills, interests, and time) will include:

  • greenhouse work, crop maintenance/production, harvesting, working with student groups in preparation for and during farmer's markets, assisting in coordinating and marketing of these efforts

Contact: Hope Sickmeier at



general garden maintenance 

Volunteers are needed to assist our Garden educator and AmeriCorps volunteers with various tasks including (but not limited to) pest control and fertilizing, raised bed and hoop house construction/repair, mulching. Volunteers with gardening, farming, and basic handyman skills are ideal. Time commitment completely dependent on volunteer skills and garden needs at time of interest. Days and times can be very flexible.

Contact: Hope Sickmeier at